Saturday, 20 February 2016

Jasmine's holiday at Tonga

On my holiday I went on a trip to Tonga to meet my Mum’s parents. When we arrived at the fintastic house because they have a treehouse and a boat with a sandpit. It was so much fun also because my half cousin and half brother had so so many toys like Thomas and so many art suff.You know why? Because he used to be on a who had
the most Thomas magazen.

While we were there, we saw so many coconut trees everywhere, they really have a huge field, we tried to shoot a Bat, we did also feed the chickens with some coconut, Some people to help them cutting the grass, the helpers also pulled some of the taros and some yummy pineapples, I was always got bitten by the mosguitos, Me and my mum louise we were planting 20 special sandle wood and watered it. On the fifteen of january it was my little sister Sikini’s birthday!!!We had her birthday at  the Scenic Hotel because it has a cool park and a big swimming pool. We were staying at the Scenic Hotel  in till  mignight.

It being a lovely, wonderful time at Tonga but now it time to go back home because it the first day of school and off we go.THE END!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed post about your holiday in Tonga I loved hearing about all the things you got up to and seeing the beautiful photos.
    Well done Jasmine.

  2. I jazzy I love the coconut patterns and I love the minnie mouse cake it looks so cool also you looked like you had so much fun