Friday, 19 February 2016

The lost dog

In a scary, creepy forest a girl named Ella was looking everywhere for her dog. She had lost him when she threw the ball and he went running for it. But then he  disappeared.
Ella was waiting for him but he didn’t come out. Ella  tried  her best to look for him everywhere. She didn’t know that she was far  from her lovely family. It took her two hours to look for him. She was really far away from her home.

Shortly after, she found herself in the big city. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she found her dog at the lost dog center living with a man. The man said “Is one of these dogs yours?” “Yes. That one is  mine. Can you also help us get home?” she said. “Yes I can.”
Then they drove to her home sweet home. Ella said “thank you so much.”  “You’re welcome.”
“Do you want to stay for dinner?” “
“Yes please!” The man was so happy that Ella was so nice and they lived happily ever after.

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