Saturday, 30 April 2016

Friday 29th April 2016

On Friday the 29th of April we woke up early to plan our day. We packed our swimming gear ready for the pools. We had to keep it a secret from Sikini. I also had to get my Sister Sikini ready for daycare.

Image result for new houses cartoonWhen we dropped off Sikini at daycare, we went all the way to Mount Eden to drop my cousin Carol to Aunty Diane’s house to babysit her kids. So we quickly dropped her off and we hit the road again back to the Glen Innes swimming pools for one hour. After that we all got dressed and went on our house hunting again.

First we stopped by home to hang out our wet suits and towels, pack our snacks for the road and headed straight to Otara. Mum Louise rang to see if we were late to look at the new house. But the said “You are not late you are early because open home starts at 1:00pm.
We looked at two houses, the first one was in Otara and it was an old home and the second house was in Manurewa and it was a new renovated house. Well it was time go home and relax watching tv and playing games on my cell phone.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Thursday 28th April 2016

Today, in the morning I had my breakfast rices as usual. We, cousin John, brother Mote, sister Sikini’s kindergarten. Mum and Aunty pola went early to Panmure to drop off our car to be serviced.

After walking back home we tidied the house. I also had a shower to freshen up, put on warm clothes ready to go for a long walk to pick up our car. The walk was long and I was starting to get tired. When we arrived at the place we sat down for 11 minutes. And then finally we were sitting down in the car and driving back home.

We had hamburgers for lunch and packed our snacks for the road trip house hunting. We had sandwiches, fruit, water, nut bars and even leftover lasagne. Soon it was 2:00 pm, the time to pick up Sikini from daycare and also pick up my Dad from work so we can go straight onto our road trip to Papakura and see some houses out there. As we drove along the highway it took about 49 minutes to get there.

The houses were fantastic. The first house we saw was really new and tidy. The second one was an older house with lots of rooms and places to hide.  Soon it was time to go home and it was getting dark and there were lots of cars on the road that made us fall asleep.

As we got home, we had our yummy dinner noodles. Then we all went to bed.

Tuesday 26th April 2016

In the morning I woke up and had my breakfast. After that I help my little sister to get ready for daycare. Also I got ready myself too. So all of us went to drop off my little sister Sikini.

Image result for neat desk cartoon a girlWhen we dropped off my little sister at daycare we went home and I cleaned the desk in the living room, removing the books and organising them and all the writing materials ready to do my writing homework for my Mum.

A few minutes later I went to the room to ford two red blanket. After that it was time to pickup my little sister from the daycare. When we got home I went for a shower. So after that it was time for dinner. After dinner we all went to bed.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

ANZAC day !!!

At 4:00am Mum woke me up for the Dawn Service. I quickly woke cousin John and Motekiai to get up because Mum wanted to go to the ANZAC morning service at the Domain. We were excited because it was still dark outside. We put on our warm clothes and hopped into the car. When we  got there, there were lots of people like a sea of people. It took a while for the service to start because we got there after 5:00am and the service will start at 6:00am. By that time the place was already packed.20160425_052437[1].jpg20160425_052413[1].jpg20160425_053419[1].jpg

We walked up to the steps near the entrance of the Domain and sat down. Soon a man with microphone and camera guy came over to talk to us. He was friendly and asked some questions while filming us. He said, “Why is ANZAC day so important? And why do we wear the poppies?” The man was very impressed with our answers and gave Mum the thumbs up and said to her “Well done Mum!”

Finally it started and we were at the back and couldn’t see anything on the court of honour. But at least we saw them marching out of the building. When it was finished I felt so blown away because I saw real soldiers with medals and even guns. And we also saw the Mayor Len Brown.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

24th Sunday 2016!!!

Its Sunday morning and we have to be up getting ready for
Church. We picked up our cousin John from Papatoetoe on our way to church. He is going to be staying with us for the rest of the holidays. John is was so excited because he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters and being with my brother and sister he will feel very happy.  

While my family attends church service I went to my choir practice. We sang a great song called “Our Father and there were two awesome Teachers teaching us the song. It was fantastic. After choir we said greeted and said goodbyes to aunties and uncles before heading off to my cousin’s birthday. We stopped at Kmart to get the birthday card and present, then headed straight over to Mt Eden.

20160424_152214[1].jpgOur cousin Walter was turning 17 years old. We bought him a chocolate gift and a card with some money so he can get whatever he likes with it. We had pizza, chop-suey, curry and also potato salad . The birthday cake was red velvet and we had it with cookies and cream flavored ice-cream for dessert. We kids (seven of us) all went for a walk to the park. Walter’s pet dog, Rocky also came along with us for some exercise.  
Soon it was time to go home, although we did not want to leave, the boys were enjoying the video games.
When we got home my brother Motekiai and John were so excited and started playing soccer and watched rugby fans on tv. Soon it was time to relax and watch the last movie called “Cars 2” before going to sleep. Then after the movie we all slept early for tomorrow because it is the ANZAC day.  

23rd Saturday 2016!!!

In the morning I woke up, put the mattresses and pillows away. Then I did  picked up the toys, washed the dishes. Also I played soccer with  brother and watched our favorite program series “Good luck Charlie”.

We went to the laundromat to do our washing. It took 30 minutes for two washing loads. It was a bit boring waiting for the washing,  So we went window shopping. When we came back and got our washing and home and hung it up quickly so we can go to our house hunting appointment.

We went to Manurewa road and look at a house that had three bedrooms and two more rooms outside. Also it had so many doors everywhere. It was fantastic but it didn’t have enough  rooms for all of us. It was time for us to have lunch.

So we drove to Mcdonald's in Manukau city for a feed. It was yummy and delicious. We also played in the playground.

fun day!!!

It was another sunny day to wake up to with rice bubbles for  breakfast, yummmy!

Mum and Motekiai had to drop off my little sister Sikini off without me this time because it was a little late and I wasn’t ready. So I got into some homework writing then  Mum got home and said “We are going to Sikini’s family night at the daycare at 5:00pm tonight.”

Two hours before the meeting, we went for showers and we got our best clothes on while Mum made our plate of foods, baked chicken nibbles with kumara wedges and cocktails sausages with special red dip, tomato sauce. Then it time to head out to my sister’s daycare. Displaying 1461490710987.jpgDisplaying 1461490710987.jpg

Displaying 1461490710987.jpg
Displaying 1461490710987.jpg
It was a fantastic night, because we were like family with any brothers and sisters. Also eating together and playing with my best friends. Inside there were fantastic project.

So after lots of dancing and playing chase with all the children we all went home tired and ready for bed. I felt happy about playing with my friends. And it was a fantastic night for a change because of all the delicious food that was served plus the pretty dresses that all the kids wore. It was fun playing with them.

Friday, 22 April 2016

21st Thursday 2016!

This morning I woke up and I stretched my body for the day, tidied my bed and got changed. Then Mum called, "Jasmine, do you want to drop off Sikini?" (my little sister), but I said, ‘‘No thanks Mum because Dad here to look after me".

So off they went to take little sister to daycare. Meanwhile, I picked up the building blocks. Soon Mum and brother arrived home. Motekiai and I warmed up kicking a rugby ball around outside. When the game was over, I went inside to do some homework (that is blogging) and after that it was time to fold up the dry washing on the couch.


After watching a some movies in the afternoon, it time to pickup little sister from Daycare. I played cooking and cuppa tea. It was fun playing with her. Afterwards we all went in the car to get Dominoes pizza. When we arrived home we set the table, said the prayer and ate. It was a fantastic pizza that we had. Then all of us went to bed.......ZZzzzz

Thursday, 21 April 2016

20th Wednesday 2016

This morning was a shimmering and shining day that the sun woke me up. So I went to the dining table to eat rice bubbles for breakfast. Afterwards, I put away the camp blankets, pillows and mattresses in the lounge. Then I went to my bedroom to get dressed for the day and drop my little sister off at her daycare.

Then, my mum dropped my brother and I to her Aunty Sonya’s house because my Mum and Dad were going to have a meeting at home and we would be too loud for them.
Image result for smiley face

At Sonya’s house, we watched Kung Panda 3 and some other movies, but we enjoyed playing on the keyboard piano and making our own music. After that we had rice cracker snacks and while I was reading a book my mum showed up ready to go. So we said goodbye to Sonya and we went home. 

Once we got home I straightened the cushions, gathered the pillows to put away and then it was time to pickup little sister from Daycare. 

When we got back home I went for a shower and got ready for choir practice at church.