Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Cousin's wedding!!!

20160402_141954.jpgOn the 2nd of April, it was my cousin called Paula and it was his  wedding. It was held at Auckland Botanic garden. When we got there the place was we came early because it starts at 1 30. the,n  it started to rain so we had it inside.

FB_IMG_1459585637351.jpgSo it start. The bride was called Faith. She look very very beautiful with her makeup and her pretty dress. The flower girls was light purple because Faith favorite color is purple. The walk line was pretty because it has purple petals on the mat and the purple flowers on the side.

After that everyone wanted to take a photo of Paula and Faith. Then they went outside to go in the limos. My auntie called Tepola she went with us when my dad and my other auntie called Mele went where they had the dinner and the dances. Then Paula and Faith said about there life and
How they will live together. Then it was finish.

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