Wednesday, 27 April 2016

ANZAC day !!!

At 4:00am Mum woke me up for the Dawn Service. I quickly woke cousin John and Motekiai to get up because Mum wanted to go to the ANZAC morning service at the Domain. We were excited because it was still dark outside. We put on our warm clothes and hopped into the car. When we  got there, there were lots of people like a sea of people. It took a while for the service to start because we got there after 5:00am and the service will start at 6:00am. By that time the place was already packed.20160425_052437[1].jpg20160425_052413[1].jpg20160425_053419[1].jpg

We walked up to the steps near the entrance of the Domain and sat down. Soon a man with microphone and camera guy came over to talk to us. He was friendly and asked some questions while filming us. He said, “Why is ANZAC day so important? And why do we wear the poppies?” The man was very impressed with our answers and gave Mum the thumbs up and said to her “Well done Mum!”

Finally it started and we were at the back and couldn’t see anything on the court of honour. But at least we saw them marching out of the building. When it was finished I felt so blown away because I saw real soldiers with medals and even guns. And we also saw the Mayor Len Brown.

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