Sunday, 24 April 2016

24th Sunday 2016!!!

Its Sunday morning and we have to be up getting ready for
Church. We picked up our cousin John from Papatoetoe on our way to church. He is going to be staying with us for the rest of the holidays. John is was so excited because he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters and being with my brother and sister he will feel very happy.  

While my family attends church service I went to my choir practice. We sang a great song called “Our Father and there were two awesome Teachers teaching us the song. It was fantastic. After choir we said greeted and said goodbyes to aunties and uncles before heading off to my cousin’s birthday. We stopped at Kmart to get the birthday card and present, then headed straight over to Mt Eden.

20160424_152214[1].jpgOur cousin Walter was turning 17 years old. We bought him a chocolate gift and a card with some money so he can get whatever he likes with it. We had pizza, chop-suey, curry and also potato salad . The birthday cake was red velvet and we had it with cookies and cream flavored ice-cream for dessert. We kids (seven of us) all went for a walk to the park. Walter’s pet dog, Rocky also came along with us for some exercise.  
Soon it was time to go home, although we did not want to leave, the boys were enjoying the video games.
When we got home my brother Motekiai and John were so excited and started playing soccer and watched rugby fans on tv. Soon it was time to relax and watch the last movie called “Cars 2” before going to sleep. Then after the movie we all slept early for tomorrow because it is the ANZAC day.  

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  1. You are doing so much in your holidays Jasmine. Church, choir, house hunting, birthdays, park visits, movie and now your cousin John has come to stay.
    I am very jealous of all your adventures.
    Thank you for sharing your highly detailed stories.