Thursday, 21 April 2016

20th Wednesday 2016

This morning was a shimmering and shining day that the sun woke me up. So I went to the dining table to eat rice bubbles for breakfast. Afterwards, I put away the camp blankets, pillows and mattresses in the lounge. Then I went to my bedroom to get dressed for the day and drop my little sister off at her daycare.

Then, my mum dropped my brother and I to her Aunty Sonya’s house because my Mum and Dad were going to have a meeting at home and we would be too loud for them.
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At Sonya’s house, we watched Kung Panda 3 and some other movies, but we enjoyed playing on the keyboard piano and making our own music. After that we had rice cracker snacks and while I was reading a book my mum showed up ready to go. So we said goodbye to Sonya and we went home. 

Once we got home I straightened the cushions, gathered the pillows to put away and then it was time to pickup little sister from Daycare. 

When we got back home I went for a shower and got ready for choir practice at church.

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  1. So true Jasmine - the weather has been very shimmery and very shiny. I like how you've been helping your mum with the tidying. Have you been kind to your brother and sister?
    Now, go and make your mum a cup of tea and tell her to put her feet up!


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