Sunday, 24 April 2016

fun day!!!

It was another sunny day to wake up to with rice bubbles for  breakfast, yummmy!

Mum and Motekiai had to drop off my little sister Sikini off without me this time because it was a little late and I wasn’t ready. So I got into some homework writing then  Mum got home and said “We are going to Sikini’s family night at the daycare at 5:00pm tonight.”

Two hours before the meeting, we went for showers and we got our best clothes on while Mum made our plate of foods, baked chicken nibbles with kumara wedges and cocktails sausages with special red dip, tomato sauce. Then it time to head out to my sister’s daycare. Displaying 1461490710987.jpgDisplaying 1461490710987.jpg

Displaying 1461490710987.jpg
Displaying 1461490710987.jpg
It was a fantastic night, because we were like family with any brothers and sisters. Also eating together and playing with my best friends. Inside there were fantastic project.

So after lots of dancing and playing chase with all the children we all went home tired and ready for bed. I felt happy about playing with my friends. And it was a fantastic night for a change because of all the delicious food that was served plus the pretty dresses that all the kids wore. It was fun playing with them.

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