Friday, 22 April 2016

21st Thursday 2016!

This morning I woke up and I stretched my body for the day, tidied my bed and got changed. Then Mum called, "Jasmine, do you want to drop off Sikini?" (my little sister), but I said, ‘‘No thanks Mum because Dad here to look after me".

So off they went to take little sister to daycare. Meanwhile, I picked up the building blocks. Soon Mum and brother arrived home. Motekiai and I warmed up kicking a rugby ball around outside. When the game was over, I went inside to do some homework (that is blogging) and after that it was time to fold up the dry washing on the couch.


After watching a some movies in the afternoon, it time to pickup little sister from Daycare. I played cooking and cuppa tea. It was fun playing with her. Afterwards we all went in the car to get Dominoes pizza. When we arrived home we set the table, said the prayer and ate. It was a fantastic pizza that we had. Then all of us went to bed.......ZZzzzz

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