Tuesday, 3 May 2016

15th firday 2016!!!

Image result for good luck charlieAfter school on the last day of Term 1, Mum picked us up from school and we went straight home.  We got changed into our clothes and had something to eat then watched a TV series called Good luck Charlie. After that I went to the fridge I got an apple to eat.

When Aunty Tepola got home from work she took us for a ride to uncle Taukolo’s house in Blockhouse Bay. We played with our special cousins two are boys Taukolo, Joe hannan  and one girl Peata she is my favourite. It was an amazing time then we headed home.  
Image result for tidied the dinner table cartoon
When we got home I tidied the table for dinner, as we finished our dinner we watched one movie and went to bed.

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