Monday, 2 May 2016

In other story of ANZAC DAY!!!


As When we got out of the gate and head home, on the way we stopped a bakery in Meadow bank and bought breakfast. We woke up the rest of the family to eat, tidied up our beds and dressed up for the Panmure ANZAC parade. 20160425_093030[1].jpg


Aunty Pola came with to the ANZAC parade at Panmure . It was a short parade with scouts, girl guides and soldiers and other special people carrying wreaths. We tagged on at the end of the parade and marched the rest of the way to the memorial hall. When we went up to the edge of the library we stood up high and watched the soldiers enter the hall for the ceremony. 20160425_093041[1].jpg20160425_093030[1].jpg20160425_093115[1].jpg

We went home and Aunty Pola got ourselves organised to go visit uncle Taukolo who lives in Blockhouse Bay and take them a pineapple pie. While Mum and Dad go house hunting. In a few minutes we were in the car and on the motorway and to our cousin’s house.

After our short visit we went home, had a shower and dinner. When dinner was finished, we laid our mattresses on the floor for another camping night, watching “Cars” and then going to sleep. What a day!


  1. I loved reading your account of ANZAC day Jasmine.
    I wonder if you can tell from the visitors flag where in the world I am while I am reading your blog?

    Mrs Burt

    1. Kia Ora Mrs Burt, I think it is France. We watched Kevin the kiwi today at assembly. I hope you enjoy your holiday with Mr Burt.