Tuesday, 3 May 2016

30th Saturday 2016

In the morning we were waiting for about 20 minutes before midday for my Aunty Diane and her daughters to come a drop off cousin Carol to stay with us. After that they went back to Mount Eden.

We all got into the van to go to Otara to look at another house. The house had four bedrooms and one bathroom. What made me happy because the rooms were bigger. But the kitchen was too small for us to get our food and the fourth bedroom was actually the dining room.

When we got home I tidied up the blocks on the floor and put the cushions nicely too. It was messy but it wasn’t hard for me just a little bit hard for me. I don’t like tidying up very much. We watched tv series for the rest of the afternoon and after dinner we watched Ratatouille before going to bed.

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